What is WIL?

Who Is This Program For?

The WIL Europe Porto 2017 is designed for 18 to 35 year-olds from a diversity of backgrounds and nationalities who are enthusiastic about innovating within the European water context. WIL Europe Porto 2017 will bring together inquiring and committed individuals from: the water sector, engineering, art and design, the sciences, business, social sciences, planning and ICT to build our capacity to collaborate for a resilient future.

Participants do not need to be experts in water issues. Waterlution believes the most compelling dialogue comes from having a mixture of knowledge and perspectives together in a facilitated experience.

What Will I Learn?

The WIL Europe is a learning space designed to give participants the chance to:

- Develop deeper and more nuanced understanding of water issues in urban and rural settings, with The Netherlands as our learning context.

- Learn from thought leaders who were once in your shoes on how to channel your enthusiasm to build new initiatives and your career

- Acquire the facilitation skills and practice tools to design and host meaningful dialogue with a cross-section of groups and interests

- Build a broad-based network of people with diverse backgrounds

- Experience utterly unforgettable learning in an inspiring setting;

This gathering is NOT a conference. There will be no panel discussions. Instead, field tours, curated sessions and creative methods will be used to tap into and grow the collective knowledge in the room.

Everything Waterlution designs blends content from a variety of water topics with creative processes for new ways of learning, to activate new connections and encourage the sharing of expertise and experiences. Mentors ground and push these conversations further.

Why an "Innovation Lab"?

You’ve probably worked in a lab setting, maybe in school. You know it as a place that provides controlled conditions in which experiments and measurements are conducted. There are physics labs, biology labs, psychology labs — all environments designed to trigger “a-ha” insights and build knowledge.

An innovation lab is a similar environment, one that’s intended to “bridge think-tanks and do-tanks.” Instead of studying microbes or the behaviour of rats, participants in an innovation lab experiment with new ideas. When innovation labs work well, participants come with a wide range of perspectives and skill sets, and they are pushed out of their intellectual comfort zones. Divergent and creative thinking give birth to new approaches and designs.

Innovation labs typically use tools such as collaborative technology, storyboarding, and action research to encourage non-traditional thinking, new ways of identifying and weighing risks, and the reframing of challenges. They undermine hierarchies and bust silos. Waterlution creates pop up ecosystems as enablers of change.

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