Welcome to the 4th Edition of Aquaporto – the Great Water Festival 2017!

Join us at the City Park!

Aquaporto is an event completely dedicated to the water resources, with a strong scientific component, where the knowledge and the animation come together, making learning a fun process.

This Water Festival is promoted by Águas do Porto through its Environmental Education unit, with its headquarters at the Water Pavilion, has been growing over the last few years and is already a strong event in our city, with many people looking forward to the new edition.

This year, Aquaporto is included in a bigger event supported by the European Comission, being the closing event of the Porto Water Innovation Week 2017.

Scheduled for September 29th and 30th, the Water Festival has as main theme the association of the previous editions, where we will be able to include different aspects of this vital water resources for life (science, music, performative arts, gastronomy, etc.).

With a target audience between school community, families and even tourist, the schedule will focus on the practical nature of the different activities, making them appealing and diversified

The Festival aims to be a great alternative to the typical family programmes, and it focus on a strong pedagogical side, creating an environment conducive to the interaction between the scientific community and the public. Aquaporto always takes place on the first weekend of October, coinciding with the celebration of the Nacional Water Day, which is officially celebrated on October 1st.

The main goal is to sensitize and captivate society for the importance of water, betting on partnerships with different institutions and entities of the city of Porto, R&D centres and higher education institutions, under the orientation of experts and researchers.

Join this great Water Festival celebrating with us this resource essential for life, and closing the Porto Water Innovation Week 2017 in the best way.