Mayors and Water Conference 2017

Following the successful initiatives at Leeuwarden (NL) and Bratislava (SK) in 2016, the Mayors & Water Conference 2017 will be held in Porto, Portugal, on the 29th September and aims to feature the Urban Water Agenda 2030 (UWA2030).

The Urban Water Agenda 2030 (UWA2030) will be a new component in the European Union’s ambitious water policy, which is aiming to achieve a good status of all water bodies, and make member states better prepared for extreme weather events as reflected in the Water Framework Directive (adopted in 2000) and the Floods Directive (adopted in 2007).

The Mayors and Water Conference 2017 is seeking commitment and visibility from cities that are willing to share their experience in a response to the challenges in urban water management, be it droughts, floods, water quality problems, governance challenges or urban development opportunities related to water, but also their contribution to achievement of EU water policy objectives.

The first part of the Conference will be at political level and the objective is to get support for the need of addressing emerging water challenges and underline the importance of sound water management – resulting in a very short Porto Urban Water Declaration.

The second part of the Conference is targeted public administration and presenting opportunities and tools for cities to use in the future planning. Experience and insights from cities are going to be the core of the second part of the Conference.

Urban Water Agenda 2030

The Urban Water Agenda 2030 process acknowledges the essential role of cities in water resources management. It is an initiative to encourage, support and enable local governments and their water utilities to take voluntary action for complementing Member States' efforts to meet EU water policy.

ICLEI and EUROCITIES, on behalf of the European Commission, are conducting an online consultation on the development of the Urban Water Agenda 2030, which runs until Monday 9 October.

More information about Urban Water Agenda 2030 can be seen here and the Consultation Process, here.

Porto Declaration on Urban Water Agenda 2030

While the Urban Water Agenda 2030 initiative has been discussed at several events in 2016 and is being further developed in a consultation process led by ICLEI and EUROCITIES in 2016 and 2017, it will be rolled out to stimulate political commitment and tangible action for sustainable urban water management among local governments and their water utilities across the European Union from 2018 on.

On the occasion of Mayors & Water Conference 2017 in Porto, a Declaration is open to signature for political leaders willing to commit to the UWA2030 process. Please see the declaration here.

Who will attend?

A rich mixture of presentations and expert panels await you as together we discuss the Urban Water Agenda 2030 among participants such as:

  • Political leaders at European, national and local level;
  • Regulators;
  • Decision makers and technicians from utilities, industry and agriculture;
  • Researchers from universities and I&D centres;
  • Solution providers and innovators;

The Conference is free to attend, but space is limited.


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Networking breakfast

Opening of the Conference

Carlos Martins, Secretary of State of Environment of Portugal

Filipe Araújo, Porto City Councillor

Building the water-proofed cities of tomorrow

Ferd Crone, Mayor of Leeuwarden

The importance of sustainable water management in cities

Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director for Natural Capital, DG Environment, European Commission

Introduction to panel discussion

Moderator Peter Gammeltoft, President of ICPDR and former EU official with responsibility for water issues

Panel discussion: What motivates ambitious "water-cities"
How to support cities' ambitions

Rafal Dutkiewicz, Mayor of Wroclaw

Ferd Crone, Mayor of Leeuwarden

Filipe Araujo, Porto City Councillor

Mary-Ann Schreurs, Vice-Mayor of Eindhoven

Road ahead and Porto Declaration on Urban Water Agenda

Networking lunch

Sharing experience and getting tools for sustainable water planning

How to support cities: knowledge sharing and collaboration

Urban Agenda for Europe – Highlighting a new tool to support cities

Benjamin Caspar, Responsible for the Urban Environment Policy, DG Environment, European Commission

The Urban Water Atlas for Europe and The City Blueprints

Richard Elelman, Head of Public Administrations at EURECAT CTM and Director General of NETWERC H2O

European Water Stewardship, European Water Partnership

Sergiy Moroz, European Water Partnership

IWA – Water Wise Cities Principles

Corinne Trommsdorff, IWA Programme Manager for Cities of the Future

Challenges and guidelines for cooperation and integrated water management in Europe

Jaime Melo Baptista, Commissioner of Portugal to 8th World Water Forum (Brasilia, Brazil)

Links with the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy

Claire Baffert, Capacity-building officer, Covenant of Mayors Office

Urban Water Agenda 2030 – how can the initiative help cities?

Barbara Anton, Coordinator, Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

Panel discussion with cities from the core group:

Gunnar Söderholm, City of Stockholm

Arnaud Stotzenbach, City of Paris

Paulien Hartog , City of Amsterdam

Alexander Mauritz,City of Mannheim

Ingrid Konrad, City of Bratislava

Jørgen Lund Madsen, City of Copenhagen

Coffee break

Financing cities' water ambitions

Hans Stielstra, Deputy Head of Unit responsible for Water Policy, DG Environment, European Commission

The long road to financing from a city's point of view

Jørgen Lund Madsen, City of Copenhagen

Funding and support from EU regional and urban policy

Olivier Baudelet, Team Leader for urban policy, DG Regional Policy, European Commission

Knowledge sharing and funding possibilities in the Life program

Angelo Salsi, DG Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, European Commission