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Action Group Meetings Schedule

Industrial Water Reuse

We will discuss the importance of water for industry. As documented in the positioning paper which will be drafted on July 20.

If you are interested to join this event, please contact Mr. Albert Jansen (

City Blueprint AG Annual Meeting

The City Blueprint Action Group is and has been involved in a number of EU Research projects (TRUST, BlueSCities and POWER).

Recently our work has been published in the Urban Water Atlas for Europe, a publication of the European Commission, and presented to Commisioner Vella at Malta. In the meantime, we have assessed 65 cities, mostly in Europe.

From our projects four concrete tools have been provided: Trends and Pressures Framework, City Blueprint Framework, Governance Capacity Framework, City Amberprint Framework, to measure the baseline and progress of SMART cities.

In this annual meeting, we will discuss the way forward, and especially how these tools should be included in a really smart fact-based EU policy framework for water-wise cities. We will also explore options and ideas for further projects as the lack of direct financing of our activities is hindering the implementation and application of these very practical tools that we have developed for municipalities and regions.

If you are interested to join this event, please contact Mr. Kees van Leeuwen (

EIP Water AG 128 MARtoMARket side event on "MARsolutions, TWIs and modelling"

This EIP Water AG 128 MARtoMARket side event on "MARsolutions, TWIs and modelling" is to discuss and disseminate to Actors and SMEs the achievements of FP7 MARSOL ( ) and the H2020 PIANO ( ), FREEWAT ( ) and AquaNES ( ) projects.

The main objective of EIP Water AG 128 MARtoMARket ( ) , the EU FP7 MARSOL and H2020 AquaNES projects is to demonstrate that Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is a sound, safe and sustainable strategy that can be applied with great confidence.

With this we aim to stimulate the use of reclaimed water and other alternative water sources in MAR to optimize Water Resources Management (WRM) through storage of excess water to be recovered in times of shortage. Besides MARSOL project that developed MAR Demo Sites in countries around the Mediterranean (e.g. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, Israel), in H2020 PIANO project we assessed relevant European Technological Water Innovations (TWI) regarding the thematic Water for Agriculture, Water for Urban and Industrial Supply, River Basin Management and Flood Control, and Water for Energy, and in H2020 FREEWAT project we developed and disseminated to Actors and SMEs Modelling tools.

So, in this EIP Water MARtoMARket side event we intend to discuss the next steps, including the legal ones, to further bring those EU MAR achievements and TWIs to the market, via Actors and SMEs, not only in Europe and China but also to disseminate them Worldwide, for climate variability preparedness, aiming scientific based drought mitigation and flood control.

If you are interested to join this event, please contact Mr. João-Paulo Lobo-Ferreira (

Global assessment of improved water management in coastal areas

Topics we will discuss are: Water utilization based on quality demands of end users. Stronger integration of ecological aspects in water use and reuse.

Development of adaption strategies with regard to climate change effects. Options of policy interventions depending on administration structures.

Cross-border solutions for the utilization of coastal shared aquifers. Development of pilots in a global scale, e.g. Latin America, Mediterranean, Middle East.

Training and education.

Focus on the topics "Governance" and "Economy and Hydrodiplomacy".

If you are interested to join this event, please contact Mr. Hans Zojer (


“What low-cost sensors solutions for high efficiency water monitoring networks”

Ctrl+SWAN Action Group in collaboration with theH2020 PROTEUS project and the Ict4Water cluster will co-organize a dedicated workshop during the EIP Annual Conference held in Porto on September 2017.

Monitoring water is more and more crucial and there is a growing demand for cost-effective solutions to control key parameters for our everyday life (e.g. drinkable water) for the environment control (e.g. climate change) or for sustaining or developing important economies which depend on water (e.g. water utility, aquaculture, blue economy, etc). However, sensors are still too expensive and potential of data are under exploited. There is therefore a need for R&D in reducing the costs of sensors also combined with advanced use of innovative SW and (big) data/cloud techniques.

The workshop will present the status of current R&D activities on innovative sensors and explore all future applications that such new and affordable sensors can offer. Disruptive technologies, trends for low-cost monitoring solutions, (CNT, MEMS), new methodologies, modelling, sensors and devices will be presented. Topics centre around “from Water to Data” will complement the discussion.

For information about the event don’t hesitate to contact the AG CTRL+SWAN Secretariat ( or visit our website .

River Restoration in Nature based solutions


Our session will combine:Our session will combine a) a facilitated discussion on the role river restoration can play in current important policy objectives like the revision of the Climate Adaptation Strategy, the revision of the EU Blueprint, the 2020 Biodiversity Strategy. b) real cases and examples on river restoration. We welcome your stories and your ideas to build a momentum and social movement for river restoration across Europe. We want to hear from you. One of the aims of the session will also be how to continue to have river restoration in the policy agenda and c) the opportunity to help us further design the strategy of the RiverRes group and alliances with other groups and partners to be part of the conversation at global, EU, national and local level on river restoration (its benefits, its assessment, its role in evidence based policy, how to put people in the picture, and further mainstreaming).

If you are interested to join this event, please contact Mrs. Elena Lopez Gunn (

Partners Events

Become part of the European Regional Europe of the 8th World Water Forum!

The World Water Forum is the world’s biggest water-related event, organized by the World Water Council (WWC) together with a host country and city, and bringing together all those interested in the theme of water.

The next Forum will take place in Brasilia (Brazil) in 18th-23rd March 2018 and includes the Thematic Process, the Political Process, the Regional Process, the Citizens Forum, the Sustainability Focus Group and the Fair and Exhibition.

As part of the Forum and the Regional Process, the European Regional Process will debate the main problems and guidelines for cooperation and integrated water management in Europe, taking as main guidance the thematic matrix defined by the Forum: climate, people, development, urban, ecosystems, financing, sharing, capacity and governance.

This process is coordinated by the Ministry of Environment of Portugal, as lead coordinator, and the European Pact for Water, as co-coordinator.

You are kindly invited to participate in the 3rd Consultation Meeting of the European Regional Process (see here) to be held in Porto, Portugal, on 26th September 2017, and give your valuable contribution, namely to the European Report and the corresponding sessions under preparation. Please see here the draft programme.

The registration is free but must be done here before 18th September. Hotels can be booked here.

The meeting will occur together with the European Innovation Partnership on Water Conference 2017 (27th-28th September), the Mayors & Water Conference 2017 (29th September), and other events during the Porto Water Innovation Week. For seven days, the City of Porto, in Portugal, will become the European capital for Innovation on Water.

Action Plan towards Digital Single Market for Water Services, ICT4Water cluster approach

The ICT4Water cluster, The EC- DG CONNECT Smart Mobility and The Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) , are delighted to invite the digital water community to the open session, ‘Action Plan towards Digital Single Market for Water Services’, held as a side event to the EIP Conference 2017 on Tuesday 26 September 2017 in Porto.

The workshop will focus in the main challenges that need to be addressed in the future development of the digital water sector, such as, Interoperability, Big Data, Data Infrastructures (including IoT), Links with Smart Cities, Water-food-energy nexus, Standardization, Circular Economy, Water Recovery, etc.

As follow up to the ICT4Water cluster's roadmap, the Action Plan to suggest the creation of a Digital Single Market for water services under development, will be presented for discussion among all attendees.

This initiative contributes to the Connected Digital Single Market and the Resilient Energy Union objectives by promoting energy efficient smart ICT technologies in the water sector. The innovation potential includes the shift from pilot scale initiatives to wide market uptake to end up with the creation of a European Digital Market for sustainable, and energy efficient, water services.

If you are interested to join this event, please contact Ms. Aude Glénisson ( ) or Mr. Gabriel Anzaldi (

Value of Industry Water: From Single Use to Integrated Management

The European Water Technology Platform, WssTP and the European Sustainable Chemistry Technology Platform, SusChem, in collaboration with the EIP Water, are pleased to announce the launch of the pre-conference workshop ‘Industry Water: From Single Use to Integrated Management’ - taking place in the afternoon of Tuesday 26 September 2017 in Porto.

This workshop builds on an earlier workshop organised in Brussels, 20th April 2017 (workshop report) and prepares specific messages for impact on the audience of the EIP Water Conference in Porto (27 + 28 September).

These messages relate to the industrial water reuse as stressed for instance at the WssTP Water Innovation Europe 2017 and are built from the 4 corners of the Value of Water model, i.e. Sensoring, Big Data, Analysis and Modelling, and Governance.

Recommendations and conclusions from the earlier Brussels’ workshop in a nutshell:

  • Sensor Networks
  • Sensor development provides a unique opportunity for enhancing the Value of Water. Advanced sensor development is required to ensure continuous understanding and control of water quality. Handling of dynamic water systems requires advanced sensors. Full implementation, reliable operation costs and maintenance are important.

  • Big Data
  • Identifying the value of the water system in generating and creating data is central to its economic value. The creation of a resilient basis for cyber security and privacy legislation is necessary, as no holistic overview currently exists. Links between data silos and pockets of data should be established and prioritized.

  • Modelling and Analysis
  • Many models for enhancing water management exist in academia or within RTOs. But these methodologies need to be brought into context before moving to the next pilot phase. It is necessary to identify models and tailor them to the requirements of users in order to develop more efficient water systems, while observing the interactions and implications.

  • Smart Governance
  • Smart governance models vary from region to region. The selection process for an appropriate governance design requires extensive consideration. Education and communication is crucial for its successful understanding and implementation.

We look forward welcoming you at the EIP Water Pre-conference workshop.

To register for this workshop please use this link.

The LIFE programme: funding opportunities & innovative solutions on wastewater treatment

The LIFE PROGRAMME is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. Since 1992, LIFE has co-financed some 4500 projects aiming to preserve Europe’s nature and biodiversity, reduce the environmental impact of several human activities and fight climate change. In the area of water, the programme has co-funded over 580 projects of which more than 250 are exclusively on wastewater management.

In the framework of the 2017 EIP Water conference, LIFE is organising a technical event entitled ‘The LIFE programme: funding opportunities & innovative solutions on wastewater treatment’. The event will take place on 26 September at 2pm.

The aim of this technical event is to showcase and disseminate a selection of the latest and most replicable solutions developed by LIFE in the field of wastewater treatment. Additionally, the event will include presentations on the programme’s topics in the water sector for the following years as well as a slot on LIFE funding opportunities and future call for projects.

The LIFE event is of interest to:

  • Investors and stakeholders in the water sector in search of innovative and marketable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of wastewater treatment;
  • Potential applicants to the LIFE call for projects.

The draft agenda can be found here.

More information about the funding opportunities of LIFE is available on the website of the LIFE programme.

Update October 2017: Presentations are available here.

Boosting Research & Innovation in the Water Sector: The Impact of EU-funded actions

This side event – as part of the Porto Water Innovation Week – will bring together water-related EU funded actions to discuss innovation in the water sector and address the different aspects and challenges of maximising its impacts.

Stakeholders participating to different EU programmes and initiatives will share their achievements and experiences. They will highlight key enabling factors and barriers for research and innovation actions to reach the market, as well as to support policy making.

Other relevant stakeholders such as, investors, regulators, policy makers, innovation hubs, industrial partners and SMEs will join the discussion and bring forward their views and perspectives.

The event is organised by the European Commission's Directorate General for Research and Innovation and the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) in collaboration with the EIP Water.

Please register here!

Natural Flood Protection for Climate Change adaptation

We will share experiences and discuss the role of river restoration as a nature based solution for climate change adaptation. Natural Flood Management is a challenging but promising approach and in this session we will learn some lessons for its implementation.

If you are interested to join this event, please contact Ms. Marta Rica (